How to use the Community Game Development Toolkit

Before you get started with the toolkit

  1. Install Unity
  2. Learn the very basics of Unity

Setting up your project

  1. Create a new 3D project in Unity
  2. Import the Commuity Game Development Toolkit into the project you just created

Jump in – create a scene using provided example assets

  1. Create your first simple scene using assets included in the template project by following this tutorial

Create and use your own assets

  1. Creating photo cut-outs
  2. Creating drawings and paintings
  3. Adding sound recordings to your scene
  4. Adding 3D Scans to your scene
  5. Working with 360-degree photos – tutorial coming soon

Adding interactivity

  1. Add interactive text to objects
  2. Add transitions to create multi-scene stories

Exporting and sharing your project

  1. Exporting web-based playable build to
  2. For desktop – tutorial coming soon